What is an ebook?

The word ebook refers to an electronic book downloaded over the web, which can be bought or borrowed from a library similarly to a printed book.

You can read it on the computer screen or by using a special ebook reading device. Ebooks borrowed from a library are automatically returned at the end of the loan period. The advantages of the digital book include immediate availability and all-round search properties: an ebook allows you to look for information in a manner similar to search engines.

How do I get started?

Installing ebook reader software

First of all, you will need ebook reader software. This is a computer program which allows you to read an ebook on your computer.

Once you have installed the ebook reading software on your computer, you can download our test book free of charge. This way you can ensure that everything works before you buy your first book.

How do I pay for my purchases?

In Osorio Books online ebookstore you can pay for your purchases with a credit card. Your payment will be processed via the international PayPal system, which accepts Visa, MasterCard and AmericanExpress payments.